LTA w/pics


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Hi, I'm so worry my LTA I have since two months ago, and she was doing really good, but since a week ago she was not happy (I think) because shs is been moving around the tank, before she was attached to a rock now she is on the sand, I haven't make any changes on the tank and I do a weekly 5% water change.
she is not eating now her mount is outside, this is my first anemone and i don't want her to die. water parameters are great, lighting is two 65 watt 10,000K Daylight and two 65 watt True Actinic 03 Blue Compact Fluorescent Lamps plus three 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-GLow LED 470nm Lamps.
please help to see what is going on with my LTA i don't want her to die.
I have a Ocearis Clown but he does not host on her. I have order with my LFS a pair of true percula clown. to help to aclimate the anemone, but they did not have on stock, do you think that will help. I don't know I just try to safe the anemone.
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I doubt that the addition of clownfish will help much in your case. Although there are contrary experiences, LTAs most often bury their columns in deep, fine sediments with only the tentacle crown showing. The crushed coral will not allow it to settle properly and thus, it can't get the proper stimuli it needs to survive. Beyond this point, I would maybe try a section of PVC with some sand in it or some container with sand and then just leave it alone. Such behavior as in yours is usually not very good at all.
what size tank do you have? I see a yellow tang, so i'm guessing a 55 at least. If so, then 4 65W PC lights is not enough light. The light won't penetrate deep enough. I have my LTA under 195W (3X65W PC) in a 20G Long, with a 3" fine sand DSB.


yeap this one is a 55g, what type of lighting system do you recomend me!.
i'm going to try to put the PVC with the sand and see.
I'd suggest at least two 175 w SE halides, but 2 150W DE halides would be better. If you can't afford that, I'd see if a friend could try and save him for you. He's pretty far gone though.


Sound really good to change the light system but the lights that i have there are brand new (less that 2 months). I brought it because my LFS tell me that those lights was great for my tank :mad2::mad: