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LFS strongly recommends supplementing my tank with Lugols iodine. I have very little coral so far: just one small mushroom colony and a leather. It's a 100g setup.

I know the right way to answer this question is to test the water religiously. Test everything, including I levels.

However, I'm sort of not so enamored with testing everything. It s a pain. I know this makes a lot of people angry, for that I'm sorry.

Is there a recommended dosage for iodine for a coral tank that can be given either by observing the corals or just in general (e.g. Dose x drops per gallon every z days)?


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There has to be a reason/purpose for supplementing you tank with anything. If you can't get one, then I suggest keep on looking before supplementing. If you happen on one, make sure you can monitor the levels of that supplement, if not, don't do it or use very minimally.


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I have only used Lugols as a coral dip. Never heard of having to dose it in the tank to supplement iodine. +1 to regular water changes being able to keep up with demand.


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I have used Lugol's solution Potassium Iodide for almost 18 years, I typically use 1 drop for 25 gallons per week & after water changes, while I don't test for Idione, I do have great success with most corals with the exception of Gonipora/Alveopora. I obviously can't document that Lugol's is responsible for this, but I can say with certainty there have been no negative results from it's use.


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Lugols is much stronger than typical Iodine supplements. Based on what you have in your tank, I would not put it in your tank. + 1 on water changes. My LFS said the same thing to me over a year and a half ago, when I had my small tank. So I dosed Iodine (without testing), and I almost killed everything. So my motto is " If I can't test for it, it doesn't go in my tank". So far this has worked for me.

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The one thing I have gotten from here at RC...

If you are not testing for it do not put it in your tank.

The only iodine I put in my tank is from the shrimp I feed my anemones.


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If that's all the coral you have I wouldn't do it. Your water changes should keep up.

+1... there is no reason to dose. You have sufficient levels with water changes. Those two softies are not using up that much iodine.