lumenarc reflector/bulb/ballast package


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so i checked out and saw that they have packages with everything in it and was wondering if anyone thought it was a good deal. I wanna get two of the 250w with the mini reflectors for my 100 gall im setting up for sps. Also should i get the HQI or the regular mogul bulbs and is it worth it to spring for the reeflux bulbs, only 10 bucks more?
These are nice packages. If I were you, I would get moguls and spring for the reeflux bulbs, can't go wrong with 10k or 12k. I see you are in Indy. I am on the south side. I run 2 400w Reeflux 12k on EVC ballasts with Lumenarc minis. You are more than welcome to come see what it looks like set up. I also have two new 400w Reeflux 10ks if you would like to see a comparison.
I agree with eckrynock, the packages are a good deal, the reeflux bulbs are the better choice and SE gives you more options on bulb selection later if you decide to try something else. I got the 250w coralvue ballast reeflux 10k bulbs and mini reflector from reef exotics and wow are the 10k bright in the luminarcs. I ended up switching to the 12k reeflux and they are bright and just a little blue with that ballast/reflector combo. The 250w 10k's were just too much in the luminarcs on my 20" deep tank. I was bleaching SPS frags on my sand bed even after I raised the pendants 18" from the top of the tank and cut the photo period back to 3 hrs. The 12k's have been absolutely great, plenty of light reaching the bottom and SPS getting color quick.