Lunar Lighting Questions


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I am wanting to add lunar lighting to my 29g open top tank. My choices are limited because of the open top. I dont know of any "clip on" actinic. Do the blue LED work ok? Do they provide a sufficient amount of moon glow to the tank or is it still dark? Would one light be ok for a 29g?

Here are some choices I have seen:

Taam Rio Mini Sun Deep Sea Blue Lighting Fixture
Coralife Lunar Aqualight Blue-Moon-Glow LED..1 watt or 3/4 watt
IceCap flexible moonlight
R2 Solution Moonlight
I think the Current USA are also open topable.. t

thanks for your help..


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I have blue and white moons, and never even use the white ones.
The blue alone is pretty bright, sometimes I even wonder if too bright.
B4 I had them and used a flashlight I saw more things crawling around.