Lyretail Anthias


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I have a 120 mixed reef with 2 lyretail anthias (1 male and 1 female). Originally I bought three females, but I lost one, and one of the remaining turned male.

Would it be a dumb idea to buy a few more females and make a harem? I was thinking three additional but I'm open to other ideas.

I have 11 blue green chromis as well, that have been acting as somewhat of a distraction to the anthias, so that might help with potential aggression.


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I don't know much about Anthias, but I'm sure getting an odd numbered school of anthias is the right thing to do, get 3 or 5 anthias and present them with the other two so that you can move the fish if something goes wrong, one divider grid will help to introduce the fish little by little; after quarantining your new anthias of course.