Lyretail vs Dispar vs Ignitus


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I would like to get a few anthias for my tank. Out Lyretail, Dispar, and Ignitus which would be the easier to keep? If anyone has any other suggestions, fire away.


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Lyretails are easiest, hardiest IMO, especially when newly introduced. But honestly, once properly acclimated/QT'ed and eating readily, all three are close to the same.


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I've heard that lyretails are the easiest to keep as well. Depends how many you want to keep though in a 90 (guessing that its about 4' long). 1-2 lyretails would be ok in the 90, but you could keep more of the dispar and ignitus. Not to mention lyretails are usually the cheapest, and in my opinion, the prettiest (at least the females).


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I have 9 Ignitus (2 male, 7 female) and 3 Bartletts (1 male, 2 female). The Ignitus are more active, stay together more, and the males "flash" every evening as they "corral" the females. Fun to watch.


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Ignitus are just plain sweet looking. Even though Lyretails are the hardiest I think there are the least attractive unless you can get one of the purple males and a few females. Lyretails also seem to get pretty big.


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No personal experience, but I've heard what everyone else is saying. Lyretails are the hardiest, but if all three are properly taken care of, it would be what size and color you prefer.


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Isn't their max size 4in? Same as lyretails. What would you suggest as the smallest anthias?