Lysmata kuekenthali - Kuekenthal's Cleaner Shrimp...


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Picked this guy up on Saturday, and LFS didn't know anything about it, and I can't find much about it... anyone point me in right direction? It's larger than my peppermints and skunk cleaner, and seems a little more aggressive as well.

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That shrimp is awesome, I can't find anyone but Quality Marine that sells it and they don't sell to the public. I haven't seen any info that is detrimental to having it in your reef. Does your LFS have anymore??? Do they ship?


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From what I've found, it's from East Asia, one of the lysmata cleaners, and is kind of the Pacific version of the Peppermint. He is more aggressive in getting food, but not aggressive towards tank mates in any way, not even to the 3/4" skunk cleaner.

This was the last in that little tank there (Old Town Aquarium), but who knows if they get more - they tend to get some very different and out of the ordinary animals in, not to mention some of the healthiest. I don't think they ship anything though.