macro in display


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What would be a decent macro to have in your display? I'm trying to find something that will function as a nitrate reducer and still look decent in the display of an AIO tank.


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For good nitrate reducers, you either would need quite a few slow growers, or a fast grower. There are a lot of slow growers that look great. Take a look at Finzaquatics seahorse tank. She has quite a few in her tank, and some amazing ones at that.


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What's in your DT? If you have tangs, they'll make quick work of most macros. You'll be able to keep calcareous macros such a halimeda though.


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I like Halimeda for an in display macro. Not a super fast grower though and is calcareous so that needs to be taken into account with regard to dosing or WC frequency. I'm trying to get it to grow in between the different rocks to act as a physical buffer between corals. I'm hoping it'll help a little with potential warfare :)


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Dragons breath

+1 (Halymenia)

You could probably sell your trimmings too. There's quite a few hobbyists in my town that would love to get there hands on some of that. It might be the same in your area as well.