MadDog Skimmers?


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I got a MadDog skimmer a few weeks back and I must say it is the best skimmer I have used. I know they are made in Tampa but does anyone know who the mfg is?

Thanx Mike
Sorry, Mike I don't know anything about these skimmers. I spent some time searching them here on RC and there is almost no information to be found.

I also did a google search and found a little more.


Yeah, thanx!

I did both also and turned up nothing. They are great skimmers and just would like to know who makes them.
Isn't there an address on the box package it came in. Or are these a homemade skimmer that someone is making?
Nope no packaging and no label! Oh well. It doesnt look like anyone knows. But if you can get your hands on one, they are GREAT & CHEAP!

Thanx Mike
Where did you get yours from? and what kind of a skimmer is it? Also do you have any picks? I would love to see this thing. Also, you may want to call a few Tampa area stores like TBS and see if they have heard of them.
Thanx I will try that.

No I don't have any pics, but I guess I should get some. It runs on a Mag2 and has a real nice venturi. I got it from Seven Seas Aquarium in Altamonte FL. I paid like $69 for it without the pump. The skimmer cup fill completely with dry foam and as it starts to settle the liquid is dark green (can't see thru it). Dry foam actually works it way out of this hole in the cap of the skimmer.
What size tank do you have the skimmer running on? Do they have different sizes for bigger tanks? Sorry for all the questions but I'm always interested in new equipment.
They have 2 sizes that I am aware of. The first is the one I have, it is rated for like 90 gals and I run it on a 29 and I don't feed anything but zooplankton and phyto. So I really don't have any excess nutrients because I do 20% water changes once every two weeks and it still pulls tons of gunk.

Then they have a larger unit that is rated for like 200 gals (I think) Both seem to be well made, and are very nice. Oh yeah, BTW, little to no bubbles enter back into my sump.
I had the larger version(rated for 300g)....I found it to be a good skimmer. I forget where I got it....somewhere on the net. I went skimmerless within a year and a buddy has it now. I'll try and find where I bought it. Blue
I should clarify for people that have not seen these units. They are made of clear acrylic but have a orange or black base and top.
I know this is an OOOLLDDD thread, but I have a "model 410 hang-on" from Mad Dog...

Any info on it would be great.