Mag 24 ?


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I am starting over setting up a 210 gallon reef tank and the live rock is currently cycling...yay! Anyway, I have a Mag 24 return pump and I have had a digital thermometer hooked up for a couple of days and it is reading around 84-85 degrees (I can't imagine what it's going to be when I turn on the lights). I haven't double checked it yet with another thermometer, as I can't find my old one (the house is a disaster from setting up the reef). :D I just wanted to know if anyone knows if the Mags run hot. If so, does anyone have any recommendations for a good in-sump pump. Thanks.


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I have a Mag 24 running in sump on my 120 with 2 400 watt MH lights, a Mag 18 running a closed loop, a big Sedra on my EuroReef skimmer and the pumps on my Calcium Reactor. My temp tops out at around 82 with one Ice Cap fan in my hood. Maybe your pump is running hotter than normal.