mag 7 running dry


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Thinking about drilling a hole in my sump so I can convert my mag7 return pump to run external/ dry. question is anyone run a mag 7 dry? is it better then submerged or no difference?

if there is no difference I would like to reclaim that space in my sump and run the pump external, now my next set of questions:
should I use a 1/2 bulkhead? what parts do I need to connect the bulkhead to the pump? I was thinking about getting this first bulkhead, good choice?


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Use a 1" bulkhead for the intake. A 1/2" bulkhead will reduce your flow. Make sure you put the bulkhead below the water line. It'll be ok out of the water, maybe a little noisier but a little less heat transfer. Good luck.


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if I use a 1" bulkhead, how do I connect that to the 1/2" FPT intake of the mag 7?

Home Depot has connectors that have 1/2 male to 3/4 slip or 1"slip. That's how I got my mag connected externally. I use it for a close loop.