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How long do mag pumps last when basicly used continusly (except power outages and other unavoidabled reasons )

I know this is a general and wide range speculative question with many varriables so just post what ever you have opinion/ a guess/ or experience

i got to thinking last night that i have no extra pumps laying around if i loose a main circulation pump on any tank so iam ordering some soon but i would like to know in general how long a mag pump lasts (currently what iam using is mag pumps with no problems)


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ive been running maxijets and quietones non stop for 2 years and yet to see a problem...and those are on the cheaper end of the isle...i would say theres no way to say how long they will last but with cleanning im sure it might be a long term commitment.

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I have a mag that is 5 years old-still running used on /off daily for closed loop. I ran a dolphin pump non stop for 5 years until a flooded basement killed it. Most of these pumps are designed for up to ten years of use (based on the warranty they come with).


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I have an 18 year old Mag24 that's had one new impellor.
another mag24 that's 10 years old.
a Mag12 that's 7 years old.

IMO, Mag's are the best, strongest, longest lasting, least problematic pumps on the market. just stay away from the Hi-drives they put out now, they're not SW safe.


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Mag 9.5 and related are excellent pumps. My mag 7 is not very good design. Two impellers and a new volute in 3 years driving skimmer. Gave up and bought an eheim... quiet cool and pretty much bulletproof.


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I agree with the guys above. Impellers and head gaskets are really the only moving parts and if they break down they are cheap and easy to fix.