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Hello, looking to build a small frag rack that can be held up on the the inside of my tank from off the glass. Was wondering what sort of magnet(s) would be best to hold it up on 1/2" thick glass.

I assume an epoxy coated neodymium magnet would be best but was wondering if it would have any ill effects in the water. (I assume it will work just fine for the outside) Some magnets have a copper/nickel construction which scared me off due to the 'C' word, if its coated in epoxy would a copper/nickel construction be a problem ?

Lastly, would a N42 "power" magnet be sufficient or would I need an N52 ?

Thanks for your time.



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this prob belongs in the ghetto section but i actually used zipties, some egg crate, and a mag float.....basically cut some of the eggcrate out enough for the magfloast and ziptie super ghetto, awesome