Magnificent Foxface Info


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Hi all,

I greatly admire this fish and wanted to get input from anyone who has kept them. I plan to put it in my 180 DT when it's set up, which will also house softies and LPS as well as various inverts. I have read that if they are well fed they generally leave corals alone. I understand every fish is an individual, but I was wondering if that was the experience of the people on this board?



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I had one about 6 inches long. He was very skittish but left all my corals, clams, shrimp alone. I did buy a sponge once that he ate overnight. Ate it so fast I forgot I bought it

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I think generally they will leave them alone, but I have seen crazy things happen. I had Lawnmower Blenny and a Powder Blue nip corals. They were getting feed 3x a day. I think you will be ok.