Maintenence for chillers?


do chillers need a freon boost every once in a while? My chiller seems like its working harder than usual. It is summer time and I don't want it to take a dump on me. I have a 1/4 hp arctica JBJ. The manual says nothing of freon boosts.


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have you flushed the titanium heat exchanger like the manual says? I have the same calcium reactor and went through the same thing recently. I hooked up the pump in reverse and flushed it out. I was amazed the crap that was in there. I also ran a vinegar/water mixture to get the calicum off the exchanger. This really helped. I called JBJ and asked them about a freon boost and they told me that their chillers do not have the 'port' or 'plug' to recharge it with freon. I have read where you can get a quality a/c person with a welding torch to do this for you. It may be expensive though.... maybe someone else has first hand knowledge of this.

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I can recharge them. I build the odd one as well.

They should not need a "boost" ever.

A well built refrigeration system should not need a oil change or anything like that for a minimum of 15 years. (unless something goes wrong)



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Yes your systerm should never need a boost, if it does it means you have a leak in the chillers lines, and boosting it would only reqire another boosting, and so on. a good way to test if you have a leak is to mix soap with water and brush it on your lines if you see bubbles you have a leak.

I am from Canada so we have certian laws and such, but if you did find that you need a "boost" of freon then buy a piercing valve ($10.00) this gives you access (like a bicycle valve) to chillers refrigerant system when the manufacturers deem as to expensive to install.

However, the piercing valve is not really used to keep as a permanant valve, not sure of longeveity of the valve.