Major rock slide


In Memoriam
Like the subject said this morning while trying to move a Sarco down and doing a bit of cleaning I caused a major rock slide. Everything in the middle of the tank took a dive. I spent almost an hour trying to restack it. Some SPS took a hit most of it was knocked off its rocks or broken. I had a rock fall and land on my open brain too. I have everything back in place now but things are slimming up good. I also found out I have quite a bit of Bristleworms too. (Thanks Guy for the vineager trick...Gary was right it is addictive)So far all of the fish are accounted for except a Lawnmower Blenny. I will have to watch for him as I am sure he problably got away. Now I am worried about a tank crash. Man everything was starting to work really well too. Well I have to go steam the carpet before my wife kills me

Found the Lawnmower. Everything is doing fine so far. Infact I think I like my new rockscape a little better. Maybe it was fate telling me to change. So far the only thing that hasn't opened is the large Sarco

Here are some pics after the rebuild. Also theres a new orange shoulder tang in the tank





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No the vinegar removes the Bristle worms stingers.


This is for after you get stung?? Wish I knew this before today. I've gotten stung twice now. Only thing I have going for me is I dont have sensative skin, so no major reactions.
Yep after you get stung dip the area with the bristles in it in vinegar until they dissolve. Lucky you Chrisguy. I swell like crazy. Try it the next time you get stung...The relief is plan out incredable. Almost addictive.

Thank you. I took it at a 45 degree angle to the tank and I cropped out the glare from the open hood. I too think that this pic best represents the size and scope of my 180.

i must be lucky in the couple years ive been into this i have yet to be stung by a bristle worm......or i have and i dont know it, but sounds like its painfull
Trust me you'll know when one gets you. Their painful and the area that was stung looks like its covered in oze. Thats funny Gary. I think Sam's Club has some pretty big bottles.

Sorry to hear about the slide, but the new staking looks good.
you might want to treat your carpet with an enzyme based cleaner or you might be smelling things later. I've had great experience using a company here locally on the east side. Quick Dry Carpet Care 482-3896.
Thanks, I do my carpet steaming myself and I usually pretreat a few days before with a ezymatic cleaner used for cat urine. It works pretty well. I discovered this after my cat had major surgery to repair a UTI. With the muscle relaxers they had him on he had no idea when he was going. Except for the grossness it was pretty funny.