mak 4


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i drilled my sump and hooked up the Mak 4 i bought from you on tuesday and after about 20 seconds of running the pump there was a rattling noise so i turned the pump off and inspected the impeller to find one of the flaps broken off with another barely hanging on. what could have caused this to break so soon?

here is the way i have it hooked up

on the sump side: 1"bulkhead with a bulkhead screen to a 1"NPT hose barb

on the pump side: 1" hose barb threaded to a 1" threaded coupling with a 3/4"reducer to the Male threads on the pump

each hose barb is then connected via a 1" hose

my invoice # is 36111
ill be in contact with you on monday.

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i have talked to jeremy and he is sending out another impellar, this company has top notch customer service.