Male Bangaii has babies in mouth.. how do i get him out of the tank?


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I can see babies in his mouth when he opens it. He's still in the DT with lots of rock. Whats the best way to get him out? I was thinking about turning the lights off so they come out in the tank more, but it hard to catch a fish in the dark.

Or would i be better off waiting until the babies are released and try to catch them?

bangaii man

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If you have any other fish in your DT those baby's will get eaten within seconds after the male releases them.

One trick I have wanted to try is to wait until all the lights are turned off then blind the bangaii with bright flashlights and scoop him out.

but, no matter how you try to scoop him out there is a good chance he will spit out the eggs in the process, ie before you net him, in the net, or when he's in the QT. So have an egg tumbler ready, because the eggs are still viable.

good luck


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I've had two babies survive from 2 different batches so I now have 4 Bangaiis in the tank. Am I just lucky? Both survived by living inside my LTA (and avoiding being eaten by the Clarkiis?).