Male Blonde Naso Tang


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For that size its a good deal normally half that suze for the price

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That is a really good price. The ones that get close to 10 inches usually go for almost $400 on divers den. They have/had a 4.5 inch one on there recently for $180.


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I agree. I can send you the money and you send it to me..LOL!! Just joking, but I would jump on that deal, as long as it looks healthy and eating.


King Kennard
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Yes a very good price.

Watch out, though. In my experience, many blonde Nasos seem healthy but die in 0-4 months mysteriously. I believe (with no data) that they are often cyanide-caught. I went through probably 5-6 before I got the two I have now, which are healthy and growing like weeds.

Nasos are very easy to keep in my experience, so the only reasonable explanation for all the deaths I had, with seemingly healthy Nasos, is the cyanide theory.