Male Bluejaw trigger for sale/trade


New member
Hey, I've got a 6-7" male bluejaw trigger that needs a new home. I've had him 2.5 years, and he's healthy as can be. Unfortunately, I have an Emperor Angel with some sort of parasite, and the bluejaw seems to think the cleaner wrasse I just added looks like a snack (which I was afraid might be the case). I managed to catch the wrasse and put him back in the acclimation bucket while I caught the trigger and moved him to the refugium. The trigger isn't too mean, he left a 2" blue damsel alone for almost a year, but the wrasse must just be too enticing, and I want to keep the wrasse. In fact, I'd like to be able to keep some other smaller fish. So he needs a new home.

I would be ever so happy to trade him for some other, less aggressive fish. The tank is a 150 fish only with 2 angels, a butterfly, a foxface, a damsel and the new cleaner wrasse. If anyone has a trade to offer, please pm me. Otherwise, I'd love to get $25 for him, but he needs a new, good home pronto.

Forgot to say that I also have a 150G LPS reef and a 72G soft coral tank, so I would be open to offers of corals, or a long tentacle anemone, too (but I would really love a nice, healthy community fish).