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Hi All,

I have seen the question has been on this forum a few year back, but I thought i'd get your opinions on this subject.

I was made aware last weekend that my LS will soon no longer supply real live rock and are know moving over to real reef rock / man made reef rock.

This has got me thinking if the LS can source this type of rock, then surely as other people have, make the rock myself.

However here comes the head banging part.:headwalls:
There seems to be a lot of opinion on the ingredients to make the rock, and most appear more geared for members in the US.

Has anyone in the UK successfully made there own rocks / walls and if so, is they an easy competent way of doing it?
I see that portland cement (cant find anywhere in the UK), crush oyster shells and play sand seems to be the most common answer.
Also apparently mixing sand of different grains and adding rock salt being forming the rocks helps get the pours for all the critters.

Due to the floor plan of my property, i am currently limited to a 2ft cube.
Now although this gives me an ideal water capacity, the tanks is height is just over 2ft and im finding doing any aquascaping with real live rock a struggle due to the impracticality of the sizes.

I have three clownfish, two males and a female. (Female was a rescue).
The have been getting on fine (although the alpha male attacks my hand like no tomorrow).
They currently host in nest of fuzzy mushroom (again rescued and was part of the females original home) The nest of mushrooms are quite low and the clowns prefer being about 6 - 8 inch from the top of the tank and my goal would be to house them in this area of the tank

As the overflow is in the middle of the tank, my main goal is to make a reef wall around the overflow and the rear of the tank.
Then the two corners between the overflow will have various rock style shelf's to with various crevices for the fish.
Something similar to a picture jefathome posted back in 2011
(Attached. With FoxFace, Rabbit Face and Tangs)

I have attach a picture of my tank.
Your have to excuse the location of the temp power heads and the annoying algae bloom on the front of the tank.


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