Manarin + Scooter blenny?


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I have a 50 gallon display + 50 gallon refugium. There are no other fish, only corals/anemone. Just one male Mandarin Dragonette.

Can I put in a Scooter Blenny?


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That would depend on the amount of live rock you have to support the copepod population.

A scooter blenny is exactly like a mandarin.


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OK thanx,

Theres around 65-70 pounds of live rock between the two tanks. The mandarin has been alive and well a long time. It's a male.


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Scooters are also more prone to taking to prepared foods, especially whole mysis like pe or hikari. I would ask the LFS to try it out before you buy a scooter. I have had great luck finding scooters and spotted mandarin that eat prepared. I have very rarely found green/blue mandarins that do however. The scooter will still likely eat pods that would otherwise be eaten by your mandarin, but not having to worry whether or not your scooter is eating enough as well is a great plus.


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My blue/red mandy took to mysis one day that she was following the purple tang around: she had a thing for him. When he ate it, she experimented---bingo! After over 200.00 sustaining her on bought pods after a tank crash, and setting up with a 20g refugium, she now eats mysis and various other things that float past her. A healthy, greedy fish will ultimately be more likely to experiment. When you're desperate to get them to do it, are they going to cooperate? Not so likely!