Mandarin with fleshy hole. Need Help solving please!


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Okay I have had my green mandarin for several months now and he eats everything frozen. Looks happy except I noticed about a month into his arrival in his new home that he developed this small recessed hole. It doesn't go to far into the body but looks more like when you get a blister and the skin peels away.

Over the past couple of months it has seemed to shrink and then get bigger. I did notice once that my 6-line nipped at him during feeding time. I haven't seen that since. I also notice that my Yellow Tang will try to spine him with his tail spikes if the mandarin gets to close.

Initially that is what I thought the hole was from because he didn't have it when I bought him. Now I am wondering if it is some sort of disease and if so, can it be treated. Outside of this the mandarin seems to carry on business as usual and is very active. I just can't stand looking at this hole so to speak.

Any and all comments are welcomed. Has anyone observed this before?



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for the best pictorial I can find. It's mixed fresh and salt.

But like you, I'd be real suspicious that the tang did it. For one thing, it is possible to get hit in the same spot every time due to the approach and delivery: ask any fencer who's been hammered on the same spot due to a hole in his defenses.


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Thanks. I just want to make sure I don't lose the little fella, well actually he isn't that little. He is about 3-4 inches long and eats like a piglet.

Hopefully some other Mandarin owners will chime in here as well.



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Watch out for a bacterial infection. I am dealing with something very similar right now with my lemonpeel angel.


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Sorry to hear that r0bin. I hope it gets better soon. I am just praying that mine will get better on its own. Good thing is he seems to be moving around fine and eating. Last night he was chasing after food which isn't something mandarins typically will do.

The down side is it looks like something maybe picking at his wound when he is sleeping.:(