Mangroves under 24 hrs/day of light?


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I have some mangroves in the office that are running under 24 hours a day of light (never found room for them in my refugium - it was their height that was the problem). I don't think macroalgae has a problem with continual lighting, but how about higher level plants like mangroves?
my mangroves are on a 24/7 schedule of
5500K PC since day one. they're growing
well (5" in 3 months) & have excellent root
so far it seems to be working for me.
Recently got some pods from a friend. Some are in a refuguim that is lit 24/7 and some others in a Sea Grass tank that is lit about 10 hours a day. The 24/7 ones have started roots and and are sprouting leaves, while the 10/7 ones have only started roots. So far it seems that 24/7 pushes faster growth.