Mantis Shrimp eating my Zoas?


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I am not sure if these little guys are mantis shrimp, but I have watched several small (1/8" - 1/4") clear shrimp eat my zoas.
I have counted over 50 of these pests.
Last night they ate 2-3 polyps off a new zoa frag.:(
If any one knows what they are and how I can control them, it would be much appreciated.

Not sure what they are, but they are 100% not Mantis Shrimp.
Mantis Shrimp are predators of many moving critters, but not zoas,or any corals, for that matter.
Get as picture and post it in the 'Ask Dr. Ron' forum.
Good luck on an ID and solution.

-Ron (The OTHER Ron)
Sound like some kind of pods. Maybe they are just making your zoas close up and you are thinking they are getting eaten? Anyway, pictures would be good.... but I doubt its something harmful.
Thanks for the info. These shrimp are definatly eating my zoas, maby I will get a mandarin or some other pod eating fish.
I've done some more reading and i think I have found my consumer. Amphipods. I found some info w/ pictures on WWM, and that seams to be what they are. There are other stories of amphipods eating zoas. Thanks for the feedback and I think a six line wrasse is in my future.