Mantis Shrimp Tank?


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Hey everyone, I'm new to RC, but I'm interested in Mantis Shrimp.

I'm wondering what I do for tanks and care with them...I'm going to take a guess as to a good tank and care regimen, and then let you have at it, if that's okay.

7 gallon Minibow standard package (including the original filtration)
Limestone rocks
3 lbs. sand

Feeding regimen: thawed small chunk of fish daily

Water change: 1-2 gallons weekly (distilled H2O, supplemented with some brand of SW hobbyist salt)

Would the rocks need to be Live Rocks?

Would I need to cycle before getting the shrimp?

For the answers to these and any other questions, I thank you in advance.

looks like I'll be the first reply.. unless someone sneaks in before me (GRRRRRR,... RUFF RUFF)
7 gallon would be good, as long as you find a small species of basher, or up to a mediumish species spearer

If you get a spearer, you'll need a TON more sand than that... they burrow in it..
my ten gallon has ten lbs sand in it right now, with a basher, and I like that ratio because it gives him room to dig in the substrate... if it was a spearer, I'd need about 20 lbs to keep him happy

either one, if your going for a more natural look, get about 7 lbs LR... it looks alot better, and the cycle for the nano tank would be shorter (go to the nano reef forum also, it helped me... just don't mention what your putting in the tank ;) ) but LR is so much better than just rock from wherever... just the filtering capacity helps a ton in the small tanks!!!!

if you get a spearer, fish is ok, thats what they have naturally, but they really should be on a more varied diet. My guy gets shrimp and squid. sometimes daily, sometimes once a week... he also has snails and hermits to pick on if he gets hungry interem. If I had a spearer, I'd keep a few cheap feeders in the tank (lil damsels) to keep him happily full, then feed him other stuff when you want.

my ten gallon only took two weeks for a cycle, luckily, but some of these guys go through complete cycles easily. I guess it kinda depends on how badly you want him to live, do you want to risk going through a cycle with him?

I think that covers everything EXCEPT what and if you can keep things with them ;)
which is up to debate, since George STILL hasn't looked at my blue devil sideways... so I'm thinking of some other little blue fish I can put in the tank, thats not a damnsel, that is kinda peaceful.... so my blue devil can go into my other tank to help get it ready for my lion and leaf fishes!!!!