mantis & tube anemone?


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i have an eclipse 12 that houses my mantiss. i only have about 6# of LR, so i have a lot of open area. i would like to add a tube anemone but i'm not sure if the two will co-exist. anybody tried this combination? i realize that the anemone is also a predator and i don't want it stalking my mantiss. in the end, i'm sure that if a conflict arose, they'd both be dead. i am also running about 4-5" of live sand so i think that the anemone would stay put. any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated. if i don't reply in a timely manner, please don't consider me rude. i no longer have regular access to a computer. thanks. damn! sorry about the double post.
The 12 will be fine for a mantis for awhile, but a tube building anemone is not a good bet. They are tough to feed, get very large, and can be very aggressive. You might want to search RC under Tube Anemone.

I have a few Caribbean sand anemones and both of the pest anemone varieties in with my mantis and they are doing fine.

btw: the mantis has left my cucumbers, brittle stars, serpent stars, and a few large oysters alone as well :)
not a real problem yet. i have a female ciliata in a 11 gallon with a 1 foot long orange/green tube anemone. at first, if unfed, the mantis would munch on the anem's mucous layer, making a mess of it, then i buryed it a little better and so far so good, the shrimp knows to respect the anemone, and i've never seen her provoke a feeding responce in the anemone. i say go for it. as for feeding the anemone, live brine, phyto after the lights are out, or any meaty substitute are appreciated.