Mantis Wanted


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I am still looking for ANY Mantis.

So far no luck at getting one off here, and i dont want to pay a zillion $$$ for one at a MO place (shipping cost) . No luck at my one LFS either.. HELP ... come on guys help a girl out ....

Dallas Jo

Well, if someone were to have one for you, you would still need to pay for shipping either way. So I would just pay the $18 from FFExpress and the $30 for shipping and get one. You wont be sorry, nor will you regret it.

If they don't have one just place the order still over the phone and as soon as they get one they will call you and ship it out.
I agree, just go with FFE. Shipping is expensive, I had someone who wanted one of mine and flaked on me when I told them it would be $35 for the shipping. no charge for the mantis, I have plenty of boxes and I had it packed according to Dr. Roy's spec's. That was $35 with the discount for signing up to get spammed by them.
FFE packs there stuff really nicely too, mine came in all nice and secure, and she's settled in very nicely.