manually dosing


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I am just retired and will be home a good portion of the time. Do I absolutely need a dosing pump or can I do it myself assuming it is done diligently? Maybe later getting pump?

Crooked Reef

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I dose manually but only have a 65 gallon tank. If I had a much bugger one, like a 180 full of sps I would probably use pumps, but it only takes me an extra minute to dose if needed after I do my water tests. I would rather use the money for dosing pumps on something else.


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I dose manually. Once the demand gets to high is when I will hook up a calcium reactor.

Mark Bianco

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People have been dosing manually for years and still continue to do so. The few advantage I know of is with a controllable dosing pump. you get small accurate dosing over a period of time. So no shock to the system parameters and less chance of making mistakes. You have to remember I am almost as old as dirt... LOL