marble sea starfish + lettuce nudibranch?


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I am thinking of having both for algae control in my 55 gallon rather than plain old snails, I have about 80 lbs of LR in the main display.

will this work? and what would you say are my limitations on their numbers?

I would like to have 2 starfish and 1 or 2 nudibranch


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no, they won't keep algae at bay. I would suggest honking huge skimmers and well maintained water parameters. Good water change routines as well.

"cleanup crews" really don't cleanup an entire tank.

Keep them, however, for them being cool critters / pets, rather than actually relying on them to clean the tank.


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I`d hate to see my tank without the cleanup crew. Yes, they don`t clean the entire tank, but they certainly do ALOT!


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what do you mean they do a lot?

snails make little kiss marks on the glass, but it's still dirty... hermits pick at some food off the bottom, but they poop too, and you shouldn't feed so much to begin with that snails/hermits can get to it... if you have hair algae and what not, you're probably in need of addressing nitrate/phosphate problems anyway, and I've yet to see an invert address hair algae and bubble algae problems comletely.

I've been without a cleanup crew in my frag tank for 5 months now, no different than the years that I had it before. I removed them due to interceptor and other reasons. Cool animals to keep, but I'm not convinced they are necessary.