marco rocks


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50 lbs Fiji base
15 Tonga Shelf


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I got their box o' rubble.. stuff is great, light and very porous.

Good service too. I will be buying from him on my next tank build.

Just remeber, cure it like regular rock.


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newly setup. Some of it is there marco rocks, some of it is fiji. 80-90% of the rock in the tank was from them.





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I got mine off his ebay auction. I paid 244$ for 100lbs, so 122$ for 50lbs. that included like 20$ for shipping. I think the rock and shipping was a bit higher on his website though.

no current auctions, if youve got time, keep an eye out, they go up occassionally, or try emailing him? see if he'll honor the last auction price(looks like it was 125+10s&H for 50lb. or 500$ for 500#!!! 1/lb; great for those with a 1000g aquarium!


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Since the rock is dry, the shipping is quite cheep. I forgot what mine was. ASk Marco for a quote.


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I just aquascaped my 90 with marco rocks that I got off of ebay. I emailed marco and asked him why his rocks were cheaper on ebay and he said that the price normally gets bid up so it starts low. If you time it right you can get a heck of a deal. Shipping is also cheaper. I would post you a pic of my tank but I don't know how.


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Man I love the looks of these rocks. How much was shipping?

Just put it in your basket and sign up to their website then you get to see the shipping price.

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Yeah I seen the ebay thing. I just thought that he might of quit ebay since starting his own site. I'll keep an eye on it as I'm in no ruch for the rock.

Abyone else, besides JGross4, do any pillars out of these?

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FWIW, his name is Marc (Marco is the cat :D ), a really good guy to deal with. Most of the rock he offers is VERY porous lightweight rock, great stuff.


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JGross, I really like how you set up those rocks! Your tank looks great!

I'm glad I checked this thread out. I want to upgrade sometime in the near future but wasn't looking forward to paying an arm and a leg for more LR. When this rock is put with established LR, it eventually becomes "live" itself, right?


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"live rock" means so many things.

in the simplest form, live rock simply means it has the bacteria that sustains a salt water aquarium. this happens within a month, and doesnt even require seeding.

some call it live rock when it has corralline, IME this requires seeding, but its accomplished through simple things like adding a single peice of coral which will have some corraline on its base.

and lastly, what some want in liverock, is beneficial hitch hikers, which is why "uncured" LR is actually in demand, this means random critters, and corals that will still be alive and such. some consider that the best part of buying live rock. so much that we buy doesnt even have anything like this though, ussually we are paying so much for some simple corraline algea, and perhaps hair algea or diatom to go wtih it.


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Where can you find those fiberglass rods to mount the rock on?

Im going with Marco sometime next month, seed it with some cured rock.