Marineland pre-drilled 180 gal reef tank


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I purchased a 180 Marineland pre-drilled dual corner-flo aquarium. It came with overflow and return but I am having trouble setting it up. The return and overflow have male threads on the ends, and I am having trouble finding the correct fittings to connect them to my sump. Threaded pvc fittings don't work (different threading). I have tried hosing and clamps, but hard to keep from leaking. I have attached a photo of the connection. The connection is 1 1/2".

Does anyone have this type of tank and can recommend what type of fittings to use?

Any help is appreciated.



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This it what I had to make out of 3 pieces; I used 2 female threaded with a slip on the other side and used a PVC to connect using PVC glue.


I hope this helps


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if you wanted to use hosing and clamps you need an adapter that screws on with a ribbed side to push the hose on and then clamp it. I'm not sure if you're going this route, but that is what I did on my tank. I did not have an overflow though and drilled my own.

did you take that piece to home depot and try different things? that is what I did as well. you can ask for help, but things like this really confuse them usually.


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You won't find a PVC fitting to fit the bilkhead threads. You need to glue pipe on the inside and go from there.

And your retaining nut is upside down.


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Thanks to all for the quick responses. I believe I have some ideas to work with. It has been a little frustrating, but that's just part of the "fun". I've only had two floods in the last two days:rolleye1:


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Had the same problem, I put 1 inch pvc in my bulk head as it is a "slipper" and not a threaded (on the inside). Then glued the pipe in. BTW PVC glue is ok and primer. I would wait 2hours for priming


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I have the 75g Marineland, and yes i had a hard time with the fittings too, because the overflow kit said to use a 1" drain and 3/4" return. The thing they didnt mention is that the bulkheads are both 1-1/4", so i had to buy a reducer for the drain, and two reducers for the return. so it kinda went like this...

drain- 1-1/4"- 1"

Return- 1-1/4"- 1"- 3/4"