Marineland pro-series lighting question(s)


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Hello. I purchased a Marineland 48 Pro-series 24 hour lighting system about 14 months ago. The first 12 months best lights ever, at month 13 entire light system went out, I tried several things to remedy situation. marineland says they do not make or service the lighting system anymore and to ship it back soon as warranty is 12 months. SHIP (45) pounds and all and they will refund some of the price. I unplugged the unit and plugged it back several times after several wait times eventually I got it to work as good as ever.
Two Questions for this experienced group:
Could it be as simple as a new CR1225 Lithium battery that powers the 3 light timer causing this system not to work or more?
Does anyone have experience with this light system?
I would hate to ship this back and get reduced $$ and less lights for what seems to be an easy fix. ANY advice???:(
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