Maroon clown babies on edge of glass


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Hi all.

My gold strip maroon clowns eggs have just hatched in my hatch tank and I'm happy to say that there are loads! (i have been trying for about 18 months with varying success.)

I have noticed that the larvae are hanging around the edges of the tank and staying up against the sides. They did this even before I introduced the rotifers to feed on.

A) Is this normal?
B) Is it ok for them to be doing this?
C) If not, how can I get them away from the edges?

I'm kinda worried that if they stay close to the walls, they might not be eating and consequently die.

I have a small LED strip light above the tank, white paper on the bottom so I can see dead ones or debris, and black paper surrounding the tank so they only get light from above to see the rots. (I tried removing the black paper from one side but didn't really do anything, they were still against the edge on that side. )

Any advice would be welcomed.


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I think it is too late for this reply, but one reason for larvae staying at the glass is if you have not tinted the water with microalgae. The other reason is too much light.

The water should be just a bit cloudy or cloudier and tinted green if you are using a green algae.