Maroon clown fish that looked like a Ocellaris snowflake

Master Splinter

New member
I bought this at a pet store and it said premium clown fish. It looks a lot like a ocellaris snowflake, but when I put it with another ocellaris snowflake, it was instant war. I noticed that it’s head was a little different and possibly its fins were larger. I think it’s a Maroon clown. What do you all think? I took the smaller snowflake back.
That looks like an ocellaris to me. Maroons generally will be much redder in my experience. The war could have been territory issues or if both were similar size and larger could’ve been two females which usually don’t get along well. Just some thoughts
They’re definitely both maroons. I went back to the pet store and introduced big daddy black maroon, and they both get along with no complaints from either.