Marroon rough on BTA and LTA


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I don't know what to do I have had a pair of Marroons for about a year the females is about 2.5-3" when I purchased them I also got a decent sized BTA ~6-7". Everything was fine for about 6 months and then my BTA faded quick and eventually died. I recently bought a good sized LTA and they hosted rather quick. Sine I got it she has been beating up on it pretty bad and it hasn't fully opened like it first did. I am feeding silversides, krill, and mysis. She also doesn't like it to eat, instead of feeding it like normal clowns she waits until it almost has the silverside completely in its mouth and then pulls it out and swims it accross the tank. I have been putting a net over it to keep her from doing this. What else can I do?

Mr Stomato

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Well, it isn't entirely necessary to feed your anemone. Sure it might speed the growth process, but I can tell you that I have 4 anemones (2 BTA, 1 RBTA, and 1 LTA) and I only once in a blue moon feed a couple of the BTAs. Strong lighting, stable/premium water quality, ample flow ar really all they need for the most part.

I will tell you that I believe they are shrinking due to other issues. If you don't have enough light or flow typically they will hunt for it and move all over the tank. A commony overlooked component is a skimmer. Anemones are one of the most delicate creatures and are very sensitive to unstable water conditions. Also the lower the volume the more unstable the water conditions.

I tried to keep 2 BTAs one after the other in my Nano 24 with halide and nice flow and they shrunk from 7" to a dime size in a few months. I did everything in my power to keep the water quality high, but nothing worked. It might have worked much better if I had a skimmer, but later I got a 90gal tank moved them over. Over a few months in the 90 they increased in size to about 5-6" without being directly fed. My LTA has refused to take any food since I got it 3 months ago and it has gone from 4" to 6". Part of it is that I do feed my fish and corals so there is some form of organic material in the water. The other is that I have 1000w of halide lighting on it. But my point is that I rarely directly feed my nems and they do just fine so I think you are right that something isn't right but I don't think it's a feeding issue.


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how big is the anemone? maroons are pretty rough on ther nems they usually need one about 3 times there size or else theyll love it to death