MARS should start something like this...


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Here's a cool idea from our friends at BAR:

Don't Break The Chain - DBTC

A forum for 'pay it forward' coral propagation. Frag something and give it away by posting it on the MARS DBTC Forum with the understanding that when that frag grows big enough a frag of it will be posted and given away on the MARS DBTC Forum as well.

This forum would also be used to keep track of all givings, as well as who has each particular DBTC coral in the forum.

Here's a little background:

The purpose of DBTC is to encourage propagation and sharing.

So it's not really a setting for making trades or getting tons of free stuff, but rather for promoting the greater good of the reefing community, including all of its members and their captive invertebrate charges.


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Are you offering to organize this & keep the stats? ;)

I have 2 different frags (one LPS and one SPS) which were kindly given to me by MARS members. I am happy to 'pay it forward' with frags of these when they get big enough to frag. I also have frags of 3 different montis and I could frag 2 palys that I can contribute to the cause right now.

LMK how you want this to work.