Matanzas Inlet Outing Next Weekend


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Ok, I am planning a trip up to Matanzas Inlet next weekend. Most Likely on Sunday. The weather is going to be warm, about 80 degrees.

Matanzas Inlet is located between marineland and st. augustine.

Click here to see the google map for this location

If anyone would like to come, you are invited.

Disclaimer Note- Please do not turn this into a collection bashing thread. The intent of this trip is not to hurt any animals, corals, anemones, or any other living organism. We follow all FWC rules, and are very aware of what we take, unless there is something that ends up not being wht we thought it was.


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I'd like to go but its a teeny bit further away than most places... not to mention some personal obligations I have that weekend :(

From google maps it looks like a really really awesome place and would love to check it out eventually


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Yeah if your from Orlando Its a bit further, for us in volusia county, its closer than sebastian so definately worth a shot.