mated pair? Orange male percula and female black percula?

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someone is selling a orange male percula and female black percula mated pair. Is this common? also if it had offspring what would they look like?:fish2: :bounce1: :uzi:


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I'm a bit confused.. "if it had offspring" you said they are mated so they are laying eggs right?

The offspring of Black / Orange mixed pairs is pretty ugly IMO. Kind of a brownish orange..


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rkelman, from what I've noticed when people sell clownfish pairs is that they like to refer to paired up clowns as "mated pairs", not necessarily indicating that they HAVE spawned in captivity. you would need to further clarify w/the seller if they have spawned.


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I've seen them mixed quite a few times on here.
I was under the impression that some young would be orange and some onyx, and some just misbarred.


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jamie1210, They may refer to paired up clowns as "mated pairs" but they are wrong. Mated would indicate they are mating or laying eggs. Otherwise they are just a bonded pair. Its important for people to know the difference. Ie. a bonded pair of say Black Ocellaris may be worth $80 - $100 while a Mated pair would be worth several times that amount.


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Sanjays Black Photons are a cross between Amphiprion percula ("œOnyx") and a male black Amphiprion ocellaris. They are among the most beautiful clowns I have seen.