Mature Reef tank sell-off.........Central PA.


Yep,that one
Hey all,
Sadly I am forced to break down my 75 G, mature reef tank. I am just too busy lately with family,work,life in general, and a possible upcoming move too continue with the proper care that a reef tank requires. I will not just let the tank go downhill because I dont have the time to properly take care of it anymore. I feel the best thing to do is to find a home for my old friends.
My loss is your gain.........I am willing to let it go for a fraction of what its worth, if I dont have to get into fragging anything, or splitting it up.
I would like to 3 Packages.

A. - $600. All the corals in the tank together...........Instant Reef !!!!

B. - $250. All the Figi live rock in one shot.........approx 90-100 lbs. Plus 1 or 2 emerald crabs, sea-hare's.

C. - $60. 4 Fish whom have lived together happily for 2+ years.

I will let this go cheap as long as it can sell in the 3 package deals. You will get your moneys worth. Or I will make someone a great deal for ALL the livestock in one shot!

OR............$800. For ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corals, Live-rock and fish. All livestock in the tank. ( I think the liverock alone cost me close to $800.)

Now for some pictures.........Sorry for the lame photography, my skills are lacking in the picture taking dept.!!!! The tank looks stunning in person, the pictures DO-NOT do the tank/corals justice. All pictures were under 2 150W phoenix 14K bulbs with NO actinic sup. Descriptions to follow pictures..........








Corals........from left to right in the tank/pictures.
Asking $600. Pick-up ONLY

1. - LOTS of neon green GSP, and pink/neon green GSP. There will be 2 large rocks included and whatever is wanted that is attatched to the glass. Some of it will be included with the live rock. Heathy,VERY fast growing.
2. - Medium Torch LPS , Pink w/ white-blue tips . 6-8 heads, some are splitting. Healthy,fast growing.
3. - Medium Birdsnest SPS, Pink/white with acro/birdsnest crab (red). Heathy,fast growing
4. - Unknown orange/yellow encrusting coral. It may be some type of montipora. Polyps out mainly at night. Healthy.
5. - Medium rock with lots of Brown Palys, and a large fast growing neon yellow sponge. Heathy.
6. - Small rock with a TON of yellow polyps. Healthy, Fast growing.
7. - MONSTER neongreen/pinktip Hammer/anchor LPS. This is the size of a basketball with approx. 80-100 heads, most are splitting constantly. Heathy, VERY fast growing........needs more room to get bigger!
8. - LARGE lightgreen/pink tip. Frogspawn LPS. This is almost as big as the hammer, with aprox 40- heads and splitting. Mingles with the hammer with no problems. Healthy, fast growing.
9. - Medium SPS acro. Light brown with light green tips. (needs more light, and better skimming to get great color). Has 1 acro crab. Healthy, fast growing.
10. - LARGE LPS Trumpet/candycane. Pink with neon green centers and stripes. Approx 25-30 heads, splitting. Healthy and fast growing.
11. - Medium SPS Staghorn. Light-tan/green with blue tips. (needs a bit more light and better skimming to get great color). Healthy, very fast growing.
12. - Small neon green soft sinulara. Wierd coral. Heathy, but goes through growing spurts and dormant spurts. ????
Misc gsp,sponges on the right side........most will go with the live rock.

ALL the corals are Heathy and have been in my mature system for a few years. I run berlin style, no mechanical or chem filtration. Only water movement and Tunze Skimmer. NO supplements are used, only top-offs using 100% Kalk top-off water with Tunze reactor. Water changes are minimal to replenish trace elements, using Sea-Chem reef salt. Lighting is 2 150W de Halide. 14k Phoenix. No actinics.

Live rock.............Asking $250. Pick-up ONLY
Approx 90lbs of premium Figi Live rock. VERY mature rock. Lots of color. Lots of extra growth. Been in my tanks for years. Encrusting SPS,GSP,sponges,palys,shrooms,starfish etc..........LOTS of life . I think there is approx 2-4 single apistasia, and minimal algea growth..........nothing bad. No Bubble algea, briopsis etc.

Fish................Asking $60. Pick-up ONLY.
1. Medium Scopas Tang. Healthy and clean.
2. Medium Coral beauty Dwarf angel. Healthy and clean.
3. Small bi-color psuedo. Heathy and clean.
4. Large Sailfin Blenny. Heathy and clean.
All fish have been living together for 2+years. They all get along fine in my 75, none are coral pickers. They are all trained to eat FLAKE food. I give a sporatic feeding of frozen cubes for the tank/fish.

EVERYTHING is PICK-UP ONLY. I WILL-NOT ship any livestock. I live in central PA. Lewisburg area (by Bucknell U). Approx 1 hr from State College,Harrisburg and Wilkes Barre.

Corals must go first, then liverock/fish.

I will not be breaking the packages up as of great deals for the packages.
Equiptment is not for sale as of yet. I may after the livestock is gone.

Thanks for looking...................Herbie


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If you post them on Fragswapper and come to the swap I am sure that the livestock(corals and Fish) will go. Especially since you are discounting them! You may get a better response for the packages as well.

I am interested in all the fish and SPS corals and some of the LPS but that is it. Just so you know if you decide to part out the livestock.


Yep,that one
Rick, thats part of the problem now.
I was intending to go to the fragswap and get some more frags. Then it dawned on me that I didnt even have enough time in my life to get to the swap for a few hrs on a Sat.. I decided since I didnt have the time to properly take care of the tank anymore, I would sell it all. My life is just to hectic right now.
Good idea though, if I had the time, I would frag the heck out of everything, sell frags for cheap and still make more $$$ than selling it as a package. I just dont have the time sadly.

Sale is Pending right now guys............



Yep,that one
Sorry to hold everyone off. I thought I had a definite commitment that has fallen through. The corals are up for sale again.
I would still like to sell all the corals in one shot if possible, so If anyone wants to take every coral at once, they are still available.
Most of the LPS can be considered "show" corals. Everything else is very nice.
I will NOT be shipping anything, so please dont keep asking. I will try to arrange a meet half-way if its possible, if someone wants everything. I would prefer pick-up.
I will give 1 week to see if someone wants all the corals...........then I will start breaking it-up and list prices accordingly.

The liverock and fish have been spoken for already. So only the corals are still available.



Yep,that one
Hmmmm.........Lets try again.

Live rock is up for sale............ again.
$250. for all...........approx 85+ pounds of premium Figi. Very loaded with life...........see pics.

Fish are up for sale.................... again. I would like to keep all 4 together if possible as they are very good tank mates. All 4 for $50.

I wont ship the fish, and the rock is heavy, so its prob. not worth the shipping costs.

ALL Coral is sold pending pick-up this Saturday........... thanks PHYL.

PLEASE, only respond if you are INTERESTED !!!

Thanks for looking............


Yep,that one
Live rock is also sold, pending pick-up Sat. night. Thanks, Milah.

Any takers on the 4 fish ??? If they can be picked-up around 6:30 Sat. night, I will let them go cheap! Offers???



Yep,that one
Its all sold........

Its all sold........

The fish are now gone also.
They will be donated to the Williamsport Area High School ........125 Gallon Reef tank.
Thanks lflint........I feel good donating to a worthy cause instead of giving them to the lfs, where they will be sold again!
Good luck with the fish and the 125!