maxijet ?


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how low in the water is it
could be sucking water

is it new and just getting bubble out of the unit


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3 inch in the water and no its not new i have no clue its driving me crazy i look over at the tank and it clear then there gos the maxi blowing bubbles :uzi:


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when they're close (within 3" or so) of the sfc they created a whirlpool and eventually it makes its way down to the pump intake and a tiny burst of air gets sucked through and it destroys the whirlpool, which slowly builds again until another burst of air goes through

this used to happen all the time with my seios and they were like 4" deep

either that or you just cleaned the tank and the MJ was above the water and not all of the air got out of it

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Is it up side down? The intake on the top? If so I'm going to guess the same thing as said above.