Maxima took a dive


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I put a 3.5" Maxima in my 29 gal reef about 6 weeks ago. Because I have 110w PC lighting, I figured I better put it up high where the creature can get the most light. It latched on to my LR and then slowly turned sideways.

Looked great, and stayed put. A couple of days ago, it decided to move downward, and was holding on to the side of the LR, basically facing the front glass. I was wondering if it was really going to hike all the way down.

A couple of hours later, there it was -- on the crushed coral. Open, happy as a clam :D and seems content there.

However, everyone says Maximas need tons of light, and that my PC won't suffice. I'm not trying to disprove anyone by owning one, I asked a number of people at Macna, and the overall concensus was that if it was nearest the lights, it would be okay.

So do I move it, or leave it be? If it chose a new location, can I assume it knows what it needs? It is now 16" from the lights.

I'm seriously considering adding a third PC light to the tank, upping the total lighting to 165w (maybe 175w). Any thoughts?