Maxspect 300w Light


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I had this light donated for my classroom tank, but I had to take that tank down due to pending construction (that was postponed, arrgghhh). It's a beautiful light but LEDs had seen better days, so I sent the light in to get refurbished and it has all new 15K LED pads and 120 degree optics. Was thinking about keeping it for potential future classroom projects, but I decided I would offer it up here in case someone has an immediate use for it, and then I can recoup a little money from the other classroom aquariums that are set up this year (palludarium, jellyfish tank, tiny reef, fresh planted, snake)

Light is 48ish inches and legs can be expanded to fit 6 foot long tank

I paid (including shipping cost) about $260 to get the light refurbished. I will sell the light for $400 to someone on this forum. That price is firm. Not desperate to sell or anything..

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