Maxspect Gyre question


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I got a Maxspect Gyre xf130 with some other equipment and ran it for many months on my 120 g. I have a 90 gallon and when I got a new Maxspect Jump Gyre 4k I put the old one in the 90. In my 120 where I have the 4k I keep two Blue Jaw Triggerfish. I am just not sure what flow to run it at. I keep it near the top on the side. I had it on 80% and angled towards the surface. The Trigger male likes to swim in it. But 80% seemed kind of violent. Right now I am 30% and I have it pointed straight out. It still seems powerful at 30%. I'd be happy running it at 100% at near 4000 gph. But i don't know if its too much for the fish. I have a good rock structure. Some coral. How do I know if its too much?


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I have a pair of 250's on my 120, one on each side of the center mounted overflow. They alternate a ramp up to 70%. Any more than that causes a waterfall over the front of the tank. I also have a pair of Koralia 1500's and a pair of 850's. Mine is a SPS dominant reef

As long as they are able to find places of relative calm they'll be fine