Maxspect Gyre XF 230 users


Any Gyre XF 230 users that care to give me your opinion on the pump.Thinking about pulling the trigger on one with them on sale this weekend.I have DSA 105 with all LPS and about 12 RBTA's.Was thinking about trying 1 for right now.


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Not sure what model mine is. About 12 inches long. Awesome unit. I hate the controller as it's all black and impossible to read the settings buttons. But it does work amazingly well. Flow is king 👍

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Not sure if it's too late for the sale, but I just got mine and the flow is great.
I'm using one 230 at each end of a 150 gallon.
It's a little louder than I thought it would be, but not disturbing. From across the room you can't hear it at all, but standing next to the tank it sounds like somebody dropped a vibrator in there somewhere.


I ended up buying one 230.I am going to try it out to see how i like it.If i have to i will add another.I tried 2 Jebao WP 25s on my tank and that was to much flow.I have all LPS and about 12 anemones.