Maxspect Gyre xf130 placement


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I have never used wavemakers. I got one with my 120g. Its a Marineland maxi jet 1350 gph. I usually out it on one wall and point it upward. But I got a Maxspect Gyre xf130. A huge issue is that the magnet isn't strong enough for my tank. Glass too thick. So if I try to position it aiming towards the top it knocks itself down unless I use low flow. If I shoot it across the top it is too strong and if I lower the flow it seems like not enough. I don't know if they still sell the xtra strong Gyre magnets but they were pricey. I bought some beefy magnets at Home Depot but they don't do anything. I can put the Gyre vertical and have it ast the back wall but its hard to tell with it what its doing because I can't see the flow. Now I have it on low pulse along the top. It seems to strong. So I leave it on low but it seems like not enough. I have used powerheads but not much. Now I have the Gyre 2300 gph and the Marineland 1350 gph. The Gyre is not on full. Any tips?