Maxspect Razor 300w and OT- free Reptile chameleon cage


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Up for sale, pickup in Cerritos or Huntington Beach:

From my classroom tank- modernization construction happening soon so I have to get rid of my tanks, so this is available-
Maxspect Razor 300 watt 48" LED- always loved this beautiful light- still works fine but a few burnt LEDs- was about to send it in to get it refurbished with new pucks, etc to use again instead of substitute halides- Coralvue will refurb this $900 light for only $140 if you ship it to them (can show email)- after the bad news, not gonna mess with it.

Was donated to class tank- sell for $150 FIRM (funds to be set aside for future classroom projects- not trying to profit off someone's donation, so for about $300 or so, you could have a sweet light.

Reptibreeze 30 x 15 x 15", lost screws so those will need replaced, but hey, for free..

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