Maxspect XF330 or 350? Or Red Sea Reef Wave?


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120 gallon LPS/Softie Tank. (4')

Overall flow is not really a problem, due to my Vectra M2 and Nero 5 but the Nero controller is starting to crap out and I am looking at the Maxspect 300 series and have a few questions.
  1. Is the XF330 suitable for this 4' tank or should I just go with the 350 and dial it back? Obviously, the 350 is more desirable but would save the $100, if 2350 gph would do the job. I see only using one flow pump but know I can add another with the new controller.
  2. I have read/heard that the proper maintenance is now easier than before, as that used to be a real issue for me and it is not as noisy as before.
  3. I know I could go with other alternatives, such as a second Nero 5, MP40 or 60, Octopulse x 2, etc. but am thinking that the "truer" gyre would be the better choice.
  4. Is Maxspect qualitatively better than the IceCap alternative?
  5. Lastly, I have been told that the Red Sea Reef Wave is a better unit than the maxspect; opinions?
Thanks in advance.
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Not sure if you are still looking for answers on this. The 350 also has stronger magnets than the 330. the 330 is supposed to be good for 1/2", but the magnet mount on the newer series Gyres is in the middle rather than one on each end so they can be a little more wobbly depending on how thick your glass is. The maintenance on the older 100 series definitely had some issues, especially if you wanted to take the star bushings out of the motor block to clean it. (I swear they cemented them in, lol.) I have a pair of 350s that are still in the box until my new tank is running, but they definitely seem to be improved over the older ones for servicing.

Not sure how the Icecap and Red Sea variants compare for build/reliability, but I believe they all license the gyre tech from Maxspect.