Maybe a dumb heater question . . . .


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Would two 75w heaters have the same "heating capacity" as one 150w heater?

I'm looking at the Ebo Jager series of heaters for my new set up and need to know what wattage to get. Its going to be about a 40 - 45 gallon system.

I know to use two heaters to reduce the risk of one failing, and I also know to use two UNDERSIZED heaters to avoid cooking my tank should one get stuck on.


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No, not dumb at all and very good ideas you have, Grasshopper.
The heating capacity of 2 X 75 watts should be the same as a single 150w heater. The only suggestion I have is to set the temps of the heaters a degree or two apart, so that they don't both come on at the same time, the resulting power surge possibly throwing a circuit breaker if your line's load is already close to the max (usually a 15A for a typical home bedroom outlet.) I had this happen once with 2 X 300 watt heaters.

The only other suggestion I have is to put your heaters as far aparts as possible (sump, tank) so that the water temp. sensed by the heater is not affected by the local heat from the other.

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Thanks for the response . . . I did plan to put the thermostats about a degree apart to prevent a power surge, even though the tank is being put onto a dedicated breaker.

I also plan to put the heaters into separate sump compartments . . . likely one in the skimmer or return section (depending on where there's room), and one in the intake.