McCosker's flasher wrasse and other flasher/fairy's

Are these fish very peaceful and friendly to tankmates? I finally got rid of my devil 6 line. I have a mated pair of firefish that he did not take kindly to. I would like another wrasse but I would like to be 100% :)D I know) sure there will be no conflicts with the firefish. Maybe since it will be added last there will be no problems?

I was looking at a super male.


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Fairy and Flasher wrasses are peaceful to other tankmates unless you have 2 males of the same species then you'll have problems but any flasher wrasse should be fine and leave others in the tank alone.


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yes i would say you wil be fine with any of the flashers...i have a few fire fish and my fairy and flashers leave them alone
Thanks guys. So what is the deal with the 6 lines? Crabby little buggers. I think it could have been a mistake on my part in the order I added the fish.